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Don't be scammed by unauthorized housing and registration companies. Do not disclose personal and/or financial information unless you are booking through the official Fellows 2023 housing and registration links.

Use only the provided links to ensure:

  • Your credit card information will be secure.
  • You will receive all the services and benefits you are entitled to as a conference attendee.

Authorized Registration

Registration for Fellows 2023 is through the Cardiovascular Research Foundation.

If you are applying as an eligible fellow, apply through this link:

If you are a paid registrant, register through this link:

You may receive confirmation emails from [email protected]. Please add this email address to your address book so it will be recognized as a safe sender. Do not reply or initiate messages to this address — it is automated and unmonitored.

Authorized Housing Reservations

Fellows accepted through the application process

CRF will reserve and pay for your hotel room on your behalf. Do not make your own hotel reservations or contact the hotel directly for reservations.

Paid registrants

After you register, you will receive housing information in your registration confirmation email. To avoid scams, be sure to book ONLY through the CRF housing link provided in your confirmation email. You must register for the course first to receive the housing link.

Note the Fellow 2023 Meeting URL

This is the only URL for the official Fellows 2023 home page.


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